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Your Rifle Needs Back-up Sights

If you don’t own an AR-15 yet, what are you waiting for? There are multiple price point AR’s being sold across the US so find one that fits your budget and get a firm firing grip on a peace of American Liberty!

I can tell you from experience that once you get an AR you are going to want to put a ton of “Gucci” gear on it and most end up spending more money on accessories(like lights, lasers, optics, grips, sling swivels, bipods, etc.) than on the actual rifle itself.

When it comes to aiming devices for the ARrifle, there are only a couple of companies who make optics that I will trust my life to.They are Aimpoint®, EOTech®, and Trijicon®. All three of these companies optics have proved themselves as reliable in combat to hold their zero under the toughest conditions. However, there is a point of failure, regardless of manufacturer, that is hard to get past. Batteries! (The one exception is Trijicon. Their optics may or may not need batteries so I still include them in this article.)

Your rifle needs back-up sights! I occasionally seequality optics fail in live training classes and every time they have failed it was because of the battery. When astudent’sopticbattery dies in the middle of a drill and they had no back-up sights to use it gets ugly real quick but remember…its only training. Don’t take the chance of using your rifle to defend yourself and have the battery dying,with no other sighting option, as someone is attempting to murder you.

The good news is, if your AR doesn’t come with iron sights, after-market sights are easy to purchase and install. For instance, Magpul® makes back-up sights called the MBUS. These sights are made of polymer and you can get both front and rear sight for about $100. They now have a metal set out for a little more if you want them. There are so many different sights, sight posts, sight heights, flip up or post, etc…out there that all you have to do is search the Internet. As for me, I like Troy Industries Back Up Iron Sights. They are rugged and reliable, 2 things I have to have in my gear!

You should also check out these other companies as they have great back up sights:

Midwest Industries
Spikes Tactical
Yankee Hill Machinery

If you are running a magnifier for your optic and/or you can’t co-witness your iron sights with your optic you can get backup sights that are offset to 45 degrees. This allows you to use your scope or magnifier for your optic then simply rotate the rifle 45 degrees and use your backup sights.

I could go on and on because many companies make back-up sights, but here’s the important thing to remember: Don’t be cheap about your back-up sights! Spending $75-$200 for a set of sights is nothing if your battery ever dies and you need those back-up sights to save your life.

Of course, if you decide to get back-up sights make sure you practice with them and that you also zero and/or co-witness them accurately. If you simply install them and never zero the sights they’re pointless because you have no idea if you’re actually going to hit your target when using them. You are legally responsible for every bullet that leaves your rifle.

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