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What To Do During A Home Invasion

So you’ve made a decision to have a firearm inside the house. Let’s go over a scenario. It’s highly probable.

You hear a boom or crash or bang in the middle of the night, and you come in  come from the master bedroom. You tell your wife, “Stay put! Stay put!”

You bring you pistol. You move through the house. You’re passing the kitchen. You’ve passed the stairwell. And you move into the main living quarters.

The direction of the sound is where you’re facing, which in this case happens to be the front door. You slowly check the front door. And now your son has come out across the living room,

“Dad! Dad! What’s going on? What’s going on?”

“Son, stay right there! Stay right there!”

Moving over

You move over, so you can check the right side of the door. You see nothing.

Now, you understand that there is a dining room right over there that has an open way into the kitchen for which you have just passed. So you now have to gain some type of visualization on both the left and the right side.

You tell your son now:

“Move to me! Move to me! Move to me!”

He moves. You have him.

What if you left back? Now I’m moving back over here.

“Where’s my wife? Where’s my wife?”

You have now left your wife. You’re having to pick her up again.

In this scenario, should you move back, and you’re waiting and you’re calling. And you take my focus off this right side for one time and that criminal has caught a dark black spot over there, and he moves right behind me into my bedroom.

And now you have a hostage situation.

He has closed the door. Your wife is in there.

Looking up

Guys, don’t leave your wife. Get her involved in the plan. She has a job to do. She can cover you.

And if she’s unwilling to fire a firearm, get her to stay with you anyway, because you have positive control over her. You know where she’s at. She can be right up on your back. She can stay right with you. She has another set of eyes.

Give her a job to do. You know the old story where the guy in a prairie somewhere. His wife was having a baby and the doctor was saying “Husband! Husband! Go boil water!”

He didn’t need boiling water to deliver the baby. It was something long and drawn out and mundane that the guy could do, to get out of the way of the doctor.

So I tell my wife to stay with me, grab the phone, dial 911, grab on to my pants, my belt buckle, whatever I’ve got on, “Stay with me.”

We now need to move through the house and get all of our children and move them to a safe location. Where we are going to call 911.

This is the beginning of a home defense plan.

Why Should You Keep Your Wife With You?

Let me address an objection that I routinely hear, which is,

“Why should I bring my wife? She’s going to get shot.”

And the answer to that is, we do not want her left behind us where we have no visualization to her. We don’t know what’s going on where she’s at. And we certainly don’t know if there’s more than one attacker in the house.

And if there are more than one attacker, and even there’s just one that you can’t find, there is a high probability he is going to move in the opposite direction of you. You are pushing out, to get to your child. You are pushing away from the master bedroom. He would be pushing towards that area and away from you.

So think about that for a moment. If he’s going to try to avoid you, where are you? You’re not with your wife.

And as soon as he has his hands on her, you are done. You will do whatever he tells you to do. You will comply. There will not be any hostage, shooting, rescue shots that you see in Hollywood.

So don’t give him that opportunity. Take her with you. Get her trained.

Shooting should not be a male dominated sport. Shooting should be a family defensive measure. With her by your side, we have four eyes. Two side-by-side, we potentially have 2 guns.

 Two side-by-side, we potentially have 2 guns.

I should have a cellphone. I should have another communicator. We can work together as a team.

When using a firearm inside of a house, you have to worry about over penetration. So, in that scenario I just gave you, I’m crossing over the main living space trying to move towards my kid’s bedroom.

If that burglar, that rapist, be standing in between my child’s bedroom and me, pressing out to pull the trigger, it will cause that round to go straight. Even if it hit him, it would go through him and into that bedroom, possibly killing my child.

Catch a different angle.

To avoid this, you need to catch a different angle. You need to move offline. You need to go low. You need to get up and change angles. Move to where what’s behind him is an acceptable area to have been shot.

Don’t come in and just start pulling the trigger. Be smart about this.

If you expect to come in a home defense situation with a firearm and not potentially hurt one of your own, you need to practice on this. You need to set up scenarios.

You need to run through some drills we’re going to give you. So that you can practice gaining an angle, pressing out, making the shot count, and then afterwards having no regret where that shot went.

Gaining an angle and pressing out

When shooting, you are responsible for that bullet wherever it lands as soon as it leaves your pistol, as soon as it leaves your shotgun. It’s on you.

And the most innocent of actions can have horrible retrogressions, because of how you dropped that guy. You might end up having  killed your only son. That’s not good.

So remember that these weapons have pros and cons. The pro of a gun is I have distance. I can neutralize that threat from across the house. The con is if I don’t catch the right angle, I have over penetration, and I possibly could kill someone sleeping in that other room.

Wherein using the baseball bat or some other type of blunt object, I have to close the distance. And if you saw that on the 1st scenario, within 3 feet, you’re more likely going to get just one swing, because if you swing and miss, he will close the distance on you. It will be hand-to-hand.

Should you decide that you’re going to pull the knife, you have to get within a foot and a half. And the same repercussions can be there as well. We want to gain as much distance and space between each other, so that he does not have an avenue in which to hurt me anymore.

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