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Shooting With One Hand

I’ve heard instructors say “the art of one handed shooting is just that…. an art”. I say “that’s crap”! It is a skill. It is a skill that has to be polished and practiced continually because one day it could save your life! The benefits from learning to shoot with only one hand are pretty self-evident. There are lots of scenarios where we find ourselves potentially with only one hand available. Those include not just an injury to one hand, but can include things we regularly don’t think about like; holding open doors, shielding loved ones, holding the hand of a small child, carrying an infant and so much more.

As shooters we tend to go to the range and do the stuff that gives us that emotional high five – shooting really fast on the timer, shooting itty bitty groups, and other cool guy stuff that makes us feel good. Shooting one handed for most people is not one of those things. Why? Because, generally, we suck at it and we don’t want others to see us sucking…

Dedicating specific training time to shooting with one hand is a must. There I said it…a must! You will most likely be involved with an encounter that is fast and sudden. You will draw and press out before the support hand even comes off the chest (where undoubtedly you have subconsciously trained your hand to go during the draw) thus you find yourself making an untrained one-handed shot to save your life. I recommend that serious shooters dedicate twenty five percent of their training time to learning to shoot with one hand only. (Over-Achievers: here’s your opportunity to excel!) Train more with one hand only.

You’ll like the results!

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