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Hammer Fist

Having been in several fights and having broken my hand in one of them I can tell you that the punch your Dad showed you, as a new teenager is not the ideal choice in a fight for your life. However, there is a punch that is extremely effective and rarely hurts YOU. Not getting hurt in the process of hurting your attacker is paramount to your survival. Once the fight is over you still need to get away and it would be great to have both hands to do it.

Here’s one of the most powerful self-defense punches you can use in a real street fight.

The Hammer Fist Punch

The actual hammer fist punch is amongst the strongest self-defense strategies because it’s firmly based on gross motor skills. It takes advantage of utilizing the underside of the closed fist rather than the actual knuckles to avoid damaging your hand as is common with a regular punch. The contact point for this self defense strike is right next to the wrist where the hands and arms tend to be the most rigid for the striking surface.

Basically, you use the hammer fist blow just like you’re hammering a nail into a piece of wood.

Now, we have to throw some assumptions in here in order to set the stage for close physical violence. You have just walked out of the grocery store. A man approaches and gets your attention. Now, this bad guy has lured you in by trying to ask for directions to an obvious place that everyone around town knows. He keeps looking around and acting somewhat nervous or anxious while you are giving him your answer. Then, without warning he grabs your arms and is trying to walk you closer to your car in order to rob you. You don’t have your gun on because it’s just a quick trip to get milk and bread. You don’t have your knife on either, for the same reason. He is bigger than you and is forcefully moving you against your will.
You panic under the realization that IT IS HAPPENING TO YOU! Ok, so what options do you have against an over powering opponent?

You guessed it… The Hammer Fist!

Here’s what you do.

You need to get in a position to face him. Next, identify your target location for your Hammer Fist punch. One of the best targets is surprisingly the jaw. In fact, you may have heard of boxers having a “glass jaw.” The reason being the actual jaw, which moves sideways as well as forwards and backwards, is actually attached to nerves precisely where the jaw connects to the skull, just beneath the base of the ear. These nerves send out signals to the body’s central nervous system, making them a perfect target in order to induce unconsciousness when struck properly. You basically now have two targets you are able to hit with a hammer fist, the left or right jaw. You can hit the jaw exactly where it attaches to the skull, striking right where all these nerve fibers intersect.

An additional choice would be to hit the bottom part of the chin using a hammer fist, striking horizontally, giving you much more leverage. This helps to create much more of a jolt to the nervous system. Just make sure that when you throw the hammer fist, you’re near enough to hit powerfully. Keep the elbow near to your own body so that you have the total power of your overall weight behind the strike, and don’t forget to keep your hand and wrist as rigid as you can.

When you find yourself locked in a real street fight, you’ll find that individuals instinctively tuck their chins down in order to safeguard their throat. In addition, when trading punches, it’s natural to for them to clench their teeth intuitively when they believe they may get hit. Consequently, the optimum time for you to hit the jaw or the chin happens when your attacker is actually speaking, which means his mouth will at least be partially open and more susceptible to jarring the nerves. Therefore, when you know that an attack is imminent because of the way your aggressor is talking smack, the ideal time to use your hammer fist knockout blow is when he’s talking.

Now, he is telling you to walk and well…a bunch of other expletives that I’ll leave out. Suddenly STOP! (Remember the OODA loop and what you just did to his) Turn sharply and face him. Identify the jaw line under the ear. Ball your fist up and strike his jaw with the full force of your hammer fist and body weight and watch the magic unfold! Your size really doesn’t matter because his nerve endings are doing the heavy lifting. Now, if you had a blunt metal object in your hand, like a kubaton, when you strike him that would be even better but I’ll save that for later.
Teach yourself this move then pass it along to your friends and family. If you have a teenage daughter then she absolutely needs to know the Hammer Fist Punch!

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