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Finding A Weapon For Home Defense

Now say we’re on a 2,800 square foot modern American home. We have 4 bedrooms. We have a master downstairs. We have 1 child downstairs. We have a stairwell that takes us to 2 other bedrooms upstairs.

So we have 5 people living in the house, mom, dad, and 3 children ages 8, 10 and 12.

This can be any home in America.

So what do you do should you become a victim of a brutal home invasion?

Weapons are the first thing that comes into my mind to start to equalize the force that this animal has brought the bear. So consider the types of ways that you can defend yourself.

Now, first of all, what comes into your mind when you think about having a gun?

There are multitudes of guns out there. You may have a grandfather shotgun, and you may have a tricked-out tactical version of some type of rifle or shotgun. You may have a pistol. That pistol may be semi-automatic with 16 to 17 rounds in it. Or you may have a little 38 5-shot revolver.

That’s one way to defend yourself.

Baseball bat

But what if you don’t have a weapon? Do you have a bat? Do you keep a bat by a back door, or the front door? Do you have a knife? Do you have a 2×4? Do you have a heavy cast-iron pan?

What you’re looking for is something that can act as an equalizer. Let’s go over some of these different weapons.

Now, in a typical home, we have children, right? And those children play sports. So what I see is a lot of baseball bats.

With the baseball bat, you probably can hurt somebody pretty good by using it.

But let’s look at this. In order for me to effectively use this baseball bat, you have to get close. You have to bring that bat all the way in, and you don’t want to get close to that guy.

I certainly don’t want any of my family members getting that close. So while baseball bats are great a option, just realize that you have to close the distance on that guy. And that could be bad.

Now, think about this, too. You probably are going to get about one good swing. What can you do on one swing?

“Well, EJ, I’ll hit him on the head. And I’ll hit him in the heart, and I’ll stop his heart. Or I’ll knock him unconscious.”

Okay, well, good luck with that, because he’s going to try to defend himself, too. He’s going to throw an arm up. He’s going to turn his shoulder onto you. He’s going to duck his head.

Now, remember, he got up this morning knowing that he was coming into your house to do this.

You’re waking up out of a dead sleep, you’re groggy, you’re in your pj’s…

And now you’re going to come in and be Babe Ruth. Well, if that’s all you’ve got, well, then I’m good with that.

But there are some other options you should consider.

Now, we’ve got a lot of guys that carry a pocket knife with them.

“I want to bring a pocket knife with me. I’ve got a steak knife or whatever.”

Pocket knife

Well, I’ve got a pocket knife right here. This is actually a pretty cool pocket knife, big and thick. But just like that bat, with a pocket knife, I have to get even closer.

So I have to close the distance all the way and, again, I don’t want to do that. But if this is all that I have, then bring it and use it.

But understand he’s going to defend himself, too. But have you ever heard the story “don’t bring a knife to a gunfight”? May luck be on your side.

So, if you do decide that you are going to bring a gun, there are different types of guns out there.

And they all have their different uses. And there are pros and cons.

And just like what we saw with the baseball bat and the knife, one of the cons is you’re not going to get very much time to use it, because you’re going to be actively fighting him. Okay?

With a gun, you’ve got to realize that there is over penetration that can occur with a round that you’re using. Now, there’s a myth out there that

“I can use a shotgun, and I don’t even have to aim, because I’m just gonna point at him and pull the trigger. And he’s just gonna obliterate into nothing.”


It doesn’t happen like that. A shotgun pattern at 21 feet is only about this big. It’s really no bigger than a size of a big coffee can lid.

Yeah, so it’s not the size of a pinky hole, which would be your 9 millimeter. You’re covering that much more distance, but it’s not chest wide. Okay?

About what you’re talking about, “I don’t even have to aim!” There’s instinctive shooting, which means when I point the gun at somebody, I’m not focusing on the rear sight and the front sight and gaining the sight picture. I’m just pointing the gun towards the threat and pulling the trigger.

So the myth is that I can use a shotgun, and I’m going to use a technical term here, intuitive or instinctive shooting. I’m going to point that gun at him, and he’s going to go down.

Okay, understand that you’re going to be under fight-or-flight. Your autonomic nervous system’s going to kick in. You will lose all manual dexterity. You’ll go back to caveman hands.

Maybe you forgot to switch the safety. Maybe in your haste you forgot to rack a round. Maybe you forgot to chamber a round in your pistol, because you don’t leave it loaded. These are things to consider.

Also, shooting a gun inside of a house will make you go deaf. It’s loud on the range, if you’ve been in one of those static stalls. And you’re pointing down. And you’re shooting and shooting.

You got ear protection, right? You’ll have none of that here. So, as soon as you crack a round off, everyone in your proximity is deaf.

Here are just the things to think about, because you don’t think about them. When you go to a gun store, “I’m just gonna buy me a gun. I’m gonna use it for self-defense. And the guy behind the counter told me it was awesome.”

But did he tell you that you will not be able to verbally communicate with your children, who are in the house? Because you’re so deaf you couldn’t even hear what they’re saying anyway. And they’re deaf. They can’t hear you.

If you don’t want to use a gun, we’ve got a plan for you as well to use some type of bat, some type of blunt instrument, but understand you have chosen to close the distance with that guy, to get close and meet him face-to-face.

You just need to understand those are your options.

So, in this scenario here, we have a master bedroom that’s downstairs. I have a child’s bedroom that is across the main living area downstairs. Through the main living area, I have the front door and the rear door.

I have to make it out of my bedroom into the main living area to check on the threat.

Have you thought about that? Have you thought about the distance that it takes to get from your bedroom to the main living area?

We talked in earlier about outside how they would come into the house. They can use a window. They can use the door. These all are probably going to go down at night.

So how long does it take you? How many steps? And can you do it at night?

And then in the dark, where is the relative direction to your children? How long does it take me to get upstairs? And when I go upstairs, who’s to my right? Who is to my left? Which door is a bathroom or a closet door?

“Oh, EJ, I know all this stuff. I know.”

Do you?

Will you, under panic and stress, not make a mistake? These are the things you need to consider.

And if you have to use a baseball bat, you have to use a knife. Understand that you have just closed the distance and, should you be lucky enough to get to your children before he does, you now have a child that is in your back swing.

You have a child that is within stabbing distance, because that child is going to cling to you for life. And instinctively you’re going to grab that child. You’re not going to let anything happen to him or her.

So if you’re grabbing and holding on to a child, how are you going to swing a bat effectively with one hand? How are you taking care of the guy with a knife? And have you trained with one hand to shoot a pistol?

We have this crazy idea that I’m going to be in a gun range stall and this is going to go down. I want to be able to stand up load my weapon when I’m ready.

I’m going to put on my ear plug and my eye protection. I’m going to press out. And I’ve set that target to the distance that I want to shoot it at.

I’m going to aim in, and I’ve got a great sight picture. And I’m slowly pulling the trigger to the rear and, “Oh yeah! Hey, Tom, come here and look at this target. Look at how great I am!”

This will be over in 45 seconds. Get your mind right. And get ready to take care of business.

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