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Science of Gunfighting

Science of Gunfighting

Gunfight! The fictional version of what our mind’s eye quickly conjures up when we hear the word “gunfight” comes from what movies and television would like us to believe. That a “gunfight” is simply two Old West gunfighters squaring off with each other on a dusty street. This over romanticized image of the gunfight was

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One Handed Shooting: Do Or Don’t?

Some Cant and Other’s Can’t Shooting one-handed is often a skill that few train on and less practice regularly. In the “scenario’s” that we envision ourselves using our gun all to often there are 2 “known’s”; 1. We always use 2 hands 2. We are ALWAYS victorious Be honest with yourself…only being able to use

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4 Training Tips For Becoming A Better Shot

4 Training Tips For Becoming A Better Shot

4 Training Tips For Becoming A Better Shot 1.Gaining a Sight Picture So, a difference between shooting on the range and shooting in a real life is that when you’re on the range, you will typically squint and close the non-dominant eye. For a right-handed shooter, you’ll keep the right eye open and close the

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The Importance Of A Good Stance

Shooting Stance: Why It’s Important? So, why do we have a wide base when we are shooting? Why do we drop our base? Why should our feet be apart and out? Why is our non-firing side leg forward? Why do we not do what we do on a range? I see some people with their

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The Science of Gunfighting

Gunfighting: a hostile encounter in which antagonists with guns shoot at each other
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