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One Handed Shooting: Do Or Don’t?

Some Cant and Other’s Can’t Shooting one-handed is often a skill that few train on and less practice regularly. In the “scenario’s” that we envision ourselves using our gun all to often there are 2 “known’s”; 1. We always use 2 hands 2. We are ALWAYS victorious Be honest with yourself…only being able to use

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4 Training Tips For Becoming A Better Shot

4 Training Tips For Becoming A Better Shot

4 Training Tips For Becoming A Better Shot 1.Gaining a Sight Picture So, a difference between shooting on the range and shooting in a real life is that when you’re on the range, you will typically squint and close the non-dominant eye. For a right-handed shooter, you’ll keep the right eye open and close the

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The Importance Of A Good Stance

Shooting Stance: Why It’s Important? So, why do we have a wide base when we are shooting? Why do we drop our base? Why should our feet be apart and out? Why is our non-firing side leg forward? Why do we not do what we do on a range? I see some people with their

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The Science of Gunfighting

Gunfighting: a hostile encounter in which antagonists with guns shoot at each other
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