Best Gun Holsters for Women

Best Gun Holsters for Women

Best Gun Holsters for Women

Women are differently shaped from men, and most women have different shapes from one another as well. For this reason, it can be a more time consuming process for women to choose the ideal concealed carry holster for their gun than it is for men. It will prove to be even more overwhelming for a woman to choose a good gun holster if they are new to guns and concealed carry as well.

Fortunately, this article is here to help. If you’re a woman who is on the search for a holster for your new concealed carry gun, then you’ll appreciate the five different types of concealed carry holsters that we will outline and discuss here.

Before we go into the different kinds of holsters, there are some things that you will want to know about first. The first is that there is no definitive gun holster that works for every shape. Plus, how you dress and what you do daily also greatly impact the kind of holster you need. With that in mind, the holster that you wear in the summer is probably going to have to be different from the one you wear in the winter.

Without any further ado, let’s get into what some of the best gun holsters for women are:



The Athena Inside the Waistband leather holster is a deep concealment and highly customizable option named after the Greek goddess of war and wisdom. Perhaps more importantly, the Athena holster was designed and made by a woman for women, so there’s always comfort in knowing that your purchasing a product made by someone who knows exactly what you need. Each of these holsters is handmade for each order, rides less than half inch above your waistband, and comes in three different clip options: the standard clip with a straight draw and no cant for carrying appendix style, the 15 degree standard clip designed for carrying behind your hip, and the tuckable clip option that allows your shirt to be tucked in between your waistband and your holster.



The Can Can Concealment Garter Holster is a type of thigh holster that does not require the use of any kind of a garter belt to keep the holster on your thigh. Thigh holsters are a popular option among women, especially for when wearing skirts and dresses at formal events or in the summer. However, the Can Can Concealment holster will only work for extremely small, pocket sized pistol such as the Ruger LCP or Kel-Tec P3AT because if a bigger gun is used, the holster could slide down towards the knee. The Can Can holster offers you easy access to your gun, won’t print, and will not get in your way even when sitting cross-legged as well.



We can’t limit ourselves to a specific manufacturer or model of belly band holsters here because there are many different ones out on the market and they are all nearly identical in how they function as well. The beauty of belly band holsters is that they can be worn in a variety of different positions (back, to the side of the hip, over the abdomen, etc.) and will not print under nearly any kind of an outfit that you wear. Once you get used to wearing the belly band holster and find your preferred position for it, you will find that they are quite unobtrusive and comfortable as well. They work for both semi-automatics and revolvers.



The Looper Band AVA is another IWB holster, but one that makes use of two clips rather than just one. Two clips better distributes the weight of the pistol across your hip and also keeps everything more secure. This makes the Looper Band AVA your best option out of all of the holsters on this list for if you plan on packing a bigger gun such as a Glock 19 or 26. The Looper Band AVA has been designed so that the soft purple suede on the outside will mold identically to your curves. As for the holster itself, it’s made out of thermoplastic and leather and will run well for many years. All in all, the Looper Band AVA is an excellent choice for dress jeans or pants.



The lightweight Flashbang Bra Holster from Looper Law Enforcement is designed to be attached to the bra with a leather strap and worn between the breasts. Believe it or not, but this set up is actually quite comfortable and makes drawing easy with a little bit of practice. The thin profile of the holster requires a thin gun to be placed in it as well, but most women won’t have a problem with this. The Flashbang Bra Holster also works with nearly any kind of outfit and without printing.


  • Diane says:

    I think there are more options out there. I would have to study more holsters to see what would work best for me. For one thing, I can not use a pistol because my hands are not strong enough anymore to ratchet them. Also, I just prefer a revolver. I used to have a Glock 30. I got it because I tried one at the range and the recoil was acceptable. When I got my Glock, it kicked like a mule! So, I sold it. I wish I could carry again, but I don’t think I could get the CCW again here in CA. I don’t know what I would carry, either. I love to shoot, though. I wish the local range was still open.

  • Connie says:

    I could never find a waist band holster that felt good. Finally I tried a belly band and I really like it. I can wear it with more form fitting clothing and it does not print. I would highly recommend ladies try it.

  • Lori says:

    Just LOVE my Smart Carry! Never gets in the way, yet is secure and easily accessible. It’s the only holster I can say is so comfortable I forget I have it on (and I’m a hugger at church!) I like that the muzzle is not in line with my femoral artery. Has wonderfully engineered flat pockets for my two extra mags, ID, permit, keys, etc. Looks good with my BDU’s, skirt, or dress slacks. Kinda nice to use the ladies room and not have my gun flop out onto the floor…

    Very disappointed with my DeSantis Gunhide IWB especially for that reason. Not comfy with any pair of pants, jabs me in the thigh when sitting and hip / ribs when driving, and the elastic spare mag holder is actually a magazine ejector, which I first discovered two hours into tracking a deer in a foot of snow. Once it fell right out of my pants when climbing over fallen trees in thick brush. Can’t happen with the Smart Carry! I hike and climb unobstructed for hours with this baby! Then I forget to take it off until showertime it’s so comfy.

    I haven’t used any other holster since getting my Smart Carry. Customer service was excellent in assuring I was measuring in the right places to get the best female fit — Robert is very helpful and friendly, and even gave me a discount for calling. I researched a lot of holsters for a long time before ordering my Smart Carry. Delighted with my purchase.

    Diane, I have kid-size hands and the Bersa Thunder 380 and Kahr 9 mil work great for me. Much easier to get off smooth, accurate shots than with my revolver. Check out how EJ teaches to rack in his videos. You can do it!

  • SANDIE BOCK says:

    I found a GREAT Holster for my S+W 9mm Shield. IT is the HAWG HOLSTER, they are made by a man named John Abbot and his customer service is beyond wonderful. He makes holsters for lots of manufacturers’ guns. Had seen his holsters and wanted one so ordered one for my S+W 9mm Shield. When I ordered it I forgot to tell John that my Shield has EZ RACK on the sides of the slide to make it easier for me to rack the slide(72 yo woman) so when the holster came it stuck too much in the holster due to the EZ Rack pads. MY FAULT but emailed John Abbot, he had me take photos of the EZ Rack pads on the gun and then made a new holster and sent it the same day as when I notified him of the problem. NO PROBLEM just GREAT customer service. He is a veteran and makes the holsters himself. He uses the best materials and the clip to hold the holster in pants is a Ulti Clip which is great. There is nothing I do not like about the holster, lightweight yet can withstand rough treatment etc. Take a look at his site GREAT holster for men and women, light weight and concealable. I am in no way related to this man or company, just a very happy customer.

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